First and Second Year Men of Color Initiative

What we do

The First and Second Year Men of Color (MOC) Initiative provides holistic and inclusive programs designed to improve underrepresented/minority male student success. Through mentorships, community connections, and partnerships with stakeholders, our program is committed to fostering opportunities to increase the sense of belonging, academic achievement, career and professional development, and social capital for first and second year men of color. 

We use data-driven practices to inform the work we do! Through the College Student Inventory, men of color focus groups, and programming evaluations, we examine the unique needs of men of color and strive to be intentional and purposeful in our implementation of best practices to address barriers to access, equity, and inclusion. Our work aims to move the needle on success and retention of first and second year men of color, and support the VCU Men of Color Initiative

Men of Color Success Pillars

  • Pillar 1: Sense of belonging - Students will participate in campus programs, connect with campus resources and engage in peer-to-peer activities that will foster their unique identities, offer safe and welcoming spaces conducive to their growth, and get connected to the rich and vibrant culture of VCU and minority-specific initiatives. 

  • Pillar 2: Academic achievement - Students will become integrated into the academic community by building connections and identity around their academic program, fostering meaningful and purposeful experiences with faculty, and be provided with the tools to increase self-efficacy, persistence, and the knowledge needed to achieve academic success.

  • Pillar 3: Career and professional development -  Students will engage in enriching workshops and opportunities to increase their career skills and professional development in order to embark on meaningful careers upon graduation. 

  • Pillar 4: Social capital - Students will deepen their social engagement and social/cultural capital by building intentional relationships with their campus navigators, alumni mentors, and faculty/staff program facilitators in meaningful experiences on campus and within the community in order to navigate through real world experiences and prepare for professional and career success. 

Key initiatives

Men of Color Community Connections Initiative

The CCI is a series of programs designed to support underrepresented/minority male students in developing their sense of belonging/purpose, exposure to campus resources, connection to peers, and engagement in professional opportunities.

Dynamic Principles for Professional Development: For Men of Color

A first-year success course designed to build community among men of color. In this course, students explore internships, engage in leadership opportunities, and focus on professional development.

Developing Men of Color (student organization)

 The goal of DMC is to equip men of color undergraduates with the means and resources needed to thrive in the college.

Men of Color STEM Study Sessions

This initiative is designed to support the academic success of first and second-year men of color students enrolled in STEM courses at VCU.

Calendar of Events

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Resources for Students

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