Dynamic Principles for Professional Development: For Men of Color 

This class is designed to build community among men of color. Students explore internships and leadership opportunities on campus and focus on professional development. Each student is connected to a campus navigator to aid you in their adjustment to campus and a professional navigator, a person in their desired field of study. The class explores issues that men face in college and beyond through discussions and guest speakers.

How to register for the UNIV 191: MOC course:

  • To register for the MOC success course through the Banner 9 registration system, follow this step-by-step video tutorial.
  • In Banner 9, search for University College (UNIV) 191.
  • There are several schedule options to meet your needs. Be sure to click each page number at the bottom of the screen for a full list of courses and times.
  • Add your success course to your schedule, and you're all done!

Students experiencing any registration issues should contact their academic advisor in University Academic Advising.